Tamil Poriyal – Shredded Coconut, Carrot and Peas.

WE are so fortunate living here in paradise to have access to a veritable cacophony of fresh food, herbs and spices. Spices grow so well in this part of the world and it’s a wonder more people aren’t using them. Have you got some spice growing in your back garden?

This is a quick, easy and somewhat fascinating exotic and traditional Tamil – South Indian dish using carrots, beans and peas. Feel free to experiment with the spice combination and apply dry. Do not preheat or cook the spice. You will be amazed by the taste.

Tamil Poriyal – Shredded Coconut, Carrot & Peas


  • 4 Medium Carrots turned into Julienne sticks and diced
  • 1 Good Handful of Green Beans, diced into 1cm pieces
  • Cups of Fresh or Frozen Peas (thawed)
  • 1 Cup of Fresh Shredded or Dried Coconut soaked for 1-2 hrs in water
  • 1 Dsp Mild South Indian Curry Powder – Coriander, Cumin, Turmeric, Ginger, Mustard, Fenugreek, Cinnamon, Cloves, Cardamom, Chilli and Pepper. You can blend all these spices yourself and have fun finding the flavour you most enjoy.
  • Juice from a Lime
  • Splash of Macadamia Oil
  • Red Chillies for Garnish
  • S&P if required
Bunch of fresh carrots from the Noosa Farmers' Market.

Bunch of fresh carrots from the Noosa Farmers’ Market.


Add all the prepared vegetables to a prep bowl along with the coconut and spices.

Blend together and add the lime juice to create a moist mixture.

Serve in a nice white bowl and garnish with the red chillies.

From the Noosa Farmers’ Market:

  • Carrots – beans – fresh peas – chillies: Shambhalla Farms, The Waugh’s, Craig and his wife, Dev’s Herbs, Supernatural, Slow Grow Bananas – Paul and Di West also have their new seasons beans right now along with Glenbrook Farms
  • Limes and limejuice: Suncoast Limes
  • Macadamia Oil: Cedar Creek
  • Spices: from Nham at Binahm Spices
  • Shredded Coconut: try Sunrise Organics

- Scott Mathias of scottmathiasraw.com tni-signoff